Are you maximising your GPON investments?

How do you manage GPON Investments to maximize efficiency and returns?

Identify GPON opportunities, prepare for
the future, get ahead

PON (Passive Optical Network) is an essential tool when it comes to maximizing fiber coverage and reaching the last mile. Of course, it's costly to build out, which means you need to get it right!

This demands a unified approach spanning, on the one hand, effective planning, while on the other extending to all legacy, current and future deployments as you light them up. Key to that is efficient registration of PON assets, into a single, unified inventory management solution that boosts operational performance while enabling effective planning.

Download the VC4 Guide - Managing GPON investments and learn:

  • Everything about Passive Optical Networks
  • Why the correct registration of PON is challenging
  • How to prevent problems with your GPON network registration
  • Get to know the ultimate solution for your network inventory management

Learn how to manage your GPON Investments today!

What is PON/GPON?

In this guide you will find out why passive optical networks are key to the last mile. Learn more about the different kinds of passive optical networks. And take a deep dive with us into how managing your GPON investments can lead to maximizing results and returns. 

  • PON, GPON, EPON, BPON, GEPON... what does it mean? 
  • Why would you need a master database of all PON? 
  • How can VC4-IMS solve your problems with your PON challenges?

Why is correct registration of PON challenging?

The correct network inventory registration of PON networks is more complex than other types of networks. Why is that?

  • Find out why problems often occur
  • Learn why most OSS systems can't handle all of this in a single system
  • Learn how to make the right start when rolling out PON/FTTH networks
  • Learn why most operators are not able to manage their PON networks in an optimal matter

Get to know your ultimate solution!

In this guide we will take a deep dive into VC4 IMS and what it means for effective GPON management. Not only that, VC4 IMS will put it all in perspective and ultimatly shows you how your GPON investments are related to other networks and your full inventory. 

  • See how GPON Network planning and inventory management in VC4-IMS is done
  • Get unparalleld insights in the relationship between GPON and other networks
  • Get access to efficient workflow and order management
  • Get acces to reports and dashboards
  • Manage your Bill of Materials
  • Learn how and interface can be built to retrieve actual network information
  • See all other OSS functions