Are you ready for the optical transport network evolution?

How to prepare your optical transport network for the next wave

Identify OTN opportunities, prepare for the future, get ahead

Optical Transport Networks (OTNs) are a key element of current and future network rollout. In this paper we'll explore opportunities for your business, how to prepare for the OTN Evolution and how you can get ahead of your competitors. 

Download this paper and learn about:

  • The key trends driving the OTN evolution
  • How surging demand for new use cases will create unique oppurtunities for your business
  • How OTN demand is changing
  • How rapid the OTN market is growing
  • Why OTN evolution demands a holistic view
  • Why you need to be able to obtain complete visibility of your network
  • How to prepare for the OTN evolution
  • How the VC4-IMS will help you get ahead of your competition

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Learn how key trends driving the Optical Transport Network evolution will affect you

Surging demand for high-speed broadband connectivity is well known and well reported. Not  only are top-down governmental mandates in place, but non-profit organisations, such as  the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), have set targets for  delivering fibre access to citizens and businesses alike. In this paper, we'll review the key trends driving evolution of the Optical Transport Network, to illustrate how demand must be matched by supply across different use cases. 

  • We'll identify key trends driving the OTN evolution
  • We'll illustrate how demand must be matched by supply across different use cases
  • We'll explore what this means for planning and maintenance of current and future
  • Find out why OTN Evolution demands a holistic view

Find out which opportunities await and learn about the use cases driving demand for OTN

In this free paper we will explore some of the drivers behind the need to evolve OTNs. Let’s examine some of
these use cases that require universal transport, aligned with business opportunities.

Learn about:

  • Inter-carrier relations
  • Metro and cell site connectivity
  • Campus applications
  • Smart cities, stadiums and more
  • Cloud computing access
  • Intercontinental transport and submarine cables

We will answer the question: 'How to prepare for these use cases?'

Find out how to prepare for the optical transport network evolution

These use cases, and the dynamic service and networking environment they require, create a host of new challenges and demand the deployment of universal transport networks. Principal among which is the fact that the characteristics of any new fibre link and the overlying wavelengths must be instantly discoverable, so they can be brought into your inventory system and aligned with the location of physical assets, customer details, SLAs and more – if you can’t do this, you can’t effectively monetise your investments.

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