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What is network inventory management?

The importance of adopting an agile approach to operations

The term “network inventory management” (sometimes synonymous with “resource inventory management”) has become a widely used term even though it lacks a standard definition, despite the efforts of organizations such as the TeleManagement Forum. 

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  • What NIM is, and what it's components are
  • Learn about the functionality of network inventory management
  • The importance of processes and assets
  • The use cases for network inventory management
  • And the potential risks if network inventory management is neglected

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Network inventory management: why does it matter?

For a variety of reasons network inventory management is becoming increasingly important – indeed, it’s fair to say it’s fundamental to the transformation of networks and the smooth introduction of the newest generations of technology for today’s and future networks. Driven by network evolution, operators of communications networks are focused on adopting an agile approach to operations that  enables them to innovate, adapt their networks, deliver services faster, and become more proactive in how they manage their business, all while streamlining or reducing costs.

For these gains to be realized, all operators require an understanding of the resources over which their business is conducted, ranging from physical “in the ground” assets to the transit infrastructure that carries traffic and more beyond. 

What are the use cases of Network inventory management?

There is a wide variety of use cases that demonstrate how effective network inventory management can help solve the common but often difficult challenges faced by operators. These include:

  • Fault impact analysis
  • Single point of failure
  • Fiber and FTTx rollout
  • Network optimization
  • Dynamic service orchestration
  • Financial asset management
  • Security
what is inventory network management?

VC4-IMS: network inventorymanagement-as-a-service

VC4-IMS is a complete network inventory management solution, available as-a-service, from the cloud, based on the same cloud infrastructure and architecture used by operators globally. Public or private,the choice is yours.

VC4-IMS shows operators how to bring clarity to their assets and provides a foundation for ensuring that investments in agile network evolution deliver the ROI desired. It eliminates scattered data silos, unlocking a single, consolidated view and, importantly, it can now shift solving the long-standing OSS data problem into the emergent cloud landscape.